Retro Computing: Prelude Software

Here you can download drivers and software for the Prelude Soundcard.
 NameVersionDateSize Description
 prelude.library  5.4 28.02.2017 13KB  Main driver library for AmigaOS/68k
 prelude.library  5.3 24.11.2001 13KB  Main driver library for AmigaOS/68k
 PreludeAHI  6.3516.01.2007 14KB  AHI driver for AHI v6
 PreludeRombler  2.0 09.07.1999 5KB  CAMD Driver for the Rombler MIDI AddOn
 mhimpegit.library  1.0 28.02.2017 2KB  MHI driver for the MPEGit module
 PrlCheck  3.9 27.08.2003109KB  Lowlevel test program
 PreludeReset  5.324.11.2001 3KB  Early startup initialisation
 Prelude Mixer  2.3 04.06.2001 20KB  Commodity to set all mixer settings
 Prelude Tapedeck 1.1509.01.2000100KB  Nice looking tapedeck application
 GMX  1.30 18KB  Mixer control matching the tapedeck design

Last changed: 28.02.17
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